Research Conducted

The True Story Of "Ghost Bridge"

  The popular teenage hangout spot has been reported to have paranormal activity with those claiming to have their vehicle pushed across the bridge when left in neutral. Our very own researcher, "Doc C" does not take rumors as evidence. This began the search into the truth surrounding Carter Bridge AKA "Ghost Bridge".   

The Hales Bar Dam


On 09 January 2016, MVP joined  Paraskeptix on an investigation of Hales Bar Dam in Guild, TN. Hales Bar Dam has been featured on many paranormal television shows, most notably “Ghost Adventures".

The Wolf House Investigation

 Supposedly, the property was possibly built upon former Native American burial grounds. The property is adjacent to the Floral Hills Memorial Gardens. WK also informed MVP that the Wolf family/Price family cemetery was in close proximity to the property and both families were buried at the same location. 

Bobby Mackey's Music World


According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, “When the ropes snapped taut, the two men swung round and round, their fingers clutching spasmodically at the air and their shoulders heaving convulsively... At 11:50, almost ten minutes after Sheriff Plummer sprung the traps, the doctors listened for the heartbeats of the two men and they still were beating." Walling was finally pronounced dead at 11:55, and Jackson six minutes later.

Lincoln County Memorial Hospital


The claims of paranormal phenomena at the Old Lincoln County Regional Hospital are much the same claims as have been made at many other abandoned hospitals now used for ghost hunting: Apparitions, orbs, shadow figures, children’s voices, unusual sensations, and other disembodied voices. One individual also claimed publicly that on one occasion he saw the apparition of his very first patient, which was over thirty years ago.